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Without any question, humans are creatures motivated by both logic and emotion. This paper, “The Role of Emotional Depression and Mental Duress in the Poetry of Emily Dickinson,” focuses on four specific poems by Emily Dickinson while giving granular detail and analysis regarding the emotional and mental health of each of speakers of each poem. While the language in each of these poems is intricate and lucid, the symbolism used in the prose by Dickinson clearly shows obvious strife and suffering despite the ability of the writer to convey thoughts that illustrate literary brilliance and beauty, even when delivered in a macabre and gloomy setting. Dickinson may very well have been the perfect person. at the perfect place, and at the perfect time, to compose poetic works that shall resonate with timeless messages that are laced with the struggle to find some meaning in life while exorcising the demons of emotional depression and mental duress.


Mitchell Jones presented this paper at the 3rd Annual Student Research and Writing Symposium at Germanna Community College.

*Honorable Mention*

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