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This paper will be exploring the supposed link between vaccines and autism which is a hot button topic as of late. Starting at the roots of where this myth began with the infamous and long since disproved initial paper penned by Andrew Wakefield. As of late with the ever-rising numbers of parents deciding to forego the vaccination of their children there is an increasing risk of herd immunity failing leading to old diseases that had been wiped out making a massive resurgence. Detailed in my research findings will be data driven explorations of psychology and human nature changing perception of information and misinformation. There are some completely unsurprising findings in how misinformation propagates and lays down deep roots that are shockingly difficult to reduce in effectiveness. Risk perception has been skewed in the modern age playing on the local knowledge but in the internet age, the seemingly local celebrity drivel being a large driver of misconceptions. Another difference explored is the divide between science and pseudoscience which also goes by the name of “boundary work”, and how the two are worlds apart in methods and approach.


Arsenio Menendez presented this paper at the 4th Annual Student Research and Writing Symposium at Germanna Community College.

*Honorable Mention*

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