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Thousands of accidents each year are precipitated by drivers making a left turn within an intersection. These accidents tend to be caused primarily by driver error, confusing signaling or high rates of speed by through traffic. Extensive research suggests that reducing the rate of speed of through traffic, implementing warning signs with flashers along a roadway, adjusting the traffic signal phasing at an intersection, and utilizing creative intersection designs are all options which are available to combat these concerns and substantially minimize risks to all drivers. A recent fatal accident in Spotsylvania County highlights the need for intersection improvement at Plank Road and Orange Plank Road. The varied strengths and weaknesses inherent to several possible solutions are explored and discussed. By reducing speeds, adding warning signs with flashing lights, and changing the signal at this Spotsylvania intersection to protected-only phasing, further injuries can be prevented and lives can be saved.


Elizabeth Webb presented this paper at the 5th Annual Student Research and Writing Symposium at Germanna Community College.

*2nd Place*

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