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Millions of people are suffering from depression and anxiety, at least half of those suffering go without treatment due to cost, availability, and stigma. In this paper, research studies conducted by professionals were compared in order to identify the therapeutic effects of a yoga practice in people suffering from depression and anxiety. The examined studies support yoga as an effective way to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety though no authority on public health currently lists yoga as an alternative treatment or therapy for either ailment. The results of research indicate that there is a strong positive influence of yoga on those suffering from depression and anxiety which can be examined in the increase of certain brain chemicals known to be low in those with depression and anxiety and a decrease of overall symptoms including those that were self-rated. In one case in particular, yoga proved to be an even more effective treatment for depression and anxiety than traditional SSRI(s) antidepressants were. Unlike traditional treatments, there is no negative stigma that comes with the Yoga practice or risk of negative side effects.


Kendall Beauford presented this paper at the 3rd Annual Student Research and Writing Symposium at Germanna Community College.

*3rd Place*

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