This document examines the Abortion debate by specifically discussing fetal personhood. The author first summarizes the history of the abortion debate and asserts that the argument over life at conception is a not a new concept. The author further addresses the number of abortions compared to live births in the Fredericksburg area, making sure to promote the serious nature of this problem. By first exploring the concept of fetal pain, it is concluded that though there is not scientific certainty on the topic, some scientist assert that it could be an emerging problem if more study was put into the subject. The author also discusses the issues of queit discrimination amongst mothers toward their children, either for the gender of their fetus or possible special needs. While dicussing the controversial topic of unsafe abortions, it is concluded that in most cases outlawing abortion does raise the rates of this dangerous practice; the core issue, however, unplanned pregnancy, is what needs to be addressed in the community. This paper seeks to raise awareness of fetal personhood and promote this concept in the Fredericksburg area.

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Quietly Conscious: A Discussion of Fetal Personhood and Abortion Gabriella Graziani Germanna Community College