Inquiry: The Journal of the Virginia Community Colleges

Author Bio(s)

Scott Debb recently earned his Doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology, and is an adjunct psychology faculty member at Thomas Nelson Community College. In addition to teaching, Scott is an Adlerian-based counselor engaging in solution-focused therapy with families who have children that are at immediate risk for removal from their home. Scott is also involved in quality of life research within chronic illness populations. At the time of this manuscript’s inception, Sharon Debb was a graduate student in Regent University’s Education and Teacher Certification program. Since that time, she has earned her Masters Degree in Education, and is certified to teach biology at the secondary school level. She also has experience working with at-risk students in multiple settings, most recently in public behavioral day schools.


Here the authors describe a study conducted to determine whether a “Test Yourself” procedure, administered either before or after a lecture, might improve students’ retention of the information, as well as stimulate critical thinking.