Inquiry: The Journal of the Virginia Community Colleges

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Pansy Waycaster is a Professor of Mathematics at Virginia Highlands Community College and has taught there since 2003. She has a B.A. from Berea College; a Masters in Math Education from Eastern Kentucky University; and a Ph.D. in Adult Education from Indiana University, Bloomington. She has taught at the college level for 47 years. Her research work has mostly involved developmental mathematics but currently she has been working with the new MTH 154 and MTH 155 courses. Her son, Cory, is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Quantitative Medicine at UConn Health in Farmington, CT. Her daughter, Nicole, is a legal assistant for Large and Associates in Bristol, TN.


Virginia Highlands Community College (VHCC) implemented MTH 155 — Statistical Reasoning Co-Requisite — in the spring semester of 2018. MTH 155 replaced MTH 146 on VHCC’s campus. Prerequisites for this course are the first five developmental MTE modules. The intended co-requisite audience for this new course consists of students having successfully completed at least three of the five MTE modules. These students co-enrolled in MCR 5 and received targeted assistance for the MTH 155 course. Successful completion of MTH 155 resulted in the prerequisite MTE modules 1-5 being satisfied. This paper will present the results of this study along with implications for future work with co-requisite mathematics courses.



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