Inquiry: The Journal of the Virginia Community Colleges

Author Bio(s)

Zachary Beamer is Associate Professor of Mathematics at Piedmont Virginia Community College. He recently completed an Ed.D. in Curriculum & Instruction at the University of Virginia, where he studied the implementation of corequisite courses. His research interests include teaching with interactive graphing technology and reforms to developmental education. He is an avid musician and can be found playing in his community of Charlottesville, VA.


In corequisite models of instruction, marginally prepared students are placed directly into college-level coursework, taught with a paired support course. Initial research suggests that such models yield significant improvements in the number of students passing credit-level mathematics when compared to previous models of prerequisite remediation. The present study employs qualitative methods to investigate methods of instruction at one community colleges to understand how instructors identify and respond to student needs. It concludes with recommendations for practice and highlights advantages of small format corequisite classes taught by the same instructor.



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