Inquiry: The Journal of the Virginia Community Colleges

Author Bio(s)

Kenyada McLeod is an Associate Professor and Program Head of Web Design. Dr. Pradnya Patet is a Professor and lead of the Early Childhood Education Program. Crystal Miller is an Assistant Professor and Program Head in Architecture. Dr. Steve Carlisle is a Professor of Natural Sciences. Dr. LaToya Reynolds is a Professor of Natural Sciences.


Brightpoint’s HyFlex Pilot Program was a year-long project funded by the Online Virginia Network (OVN) to support faculty in the design and delivery of an actual HyFlex course. The cohort consisted of faculty who teach in the biology, architecture, early childhood, and web design disciplines. Participants worked in collaboration with one another and the Center for Teaching and Learning. In the following essay, members of the 2021-22 pilot cohort will reflect on their experiences learning and implementing a HyFlex approach in their courses. Each author will share challenges and successes as well as conclusions with implications for practice by colleagues statewide.



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